Customer Feedback Cards and Emails

Coaching is a human interaction, not a manufactured product.
Success is best predicted by a client's attitude, willingness to learn, and commitment level.
*Individual Results May Vary*


"OK - I tried to quit smoking for over ten years (30 years as a smoker). I tried everything. I was desperate and demoralized and just couldn't figure out how to give up the butts. I did the private session with Frank and haven't thought about smoking since. Frank is a great guy and the program worked for me and I know a few other people who went to Frank and it worked for them as well. If you really want to quit this is a small investment of time and money to finally stop being a slave to nicotine." -- Jed F. Denver, CO Five Stars @ YELP

"I saw Frank roughly 4 months ago and I haven't used nicotine in any form since then! I was a classic "smoke when I drink, chew any other time" kind of guy. I then went down to using ecigs when I drank and snus any other time. That was as far as I could get without help. Enter Frank. Frank's methods were clearly tailored to me as an individual. We ended up talking a lot about the science of addiction as well as some philosophical constructs that helped me wrap my mind around quitting. Essentially, he will give you more of what you want or need to get into the right mindset. I didn't end up getting hypnotized. Frank and I both thought that I was in a good enough spot psychologically that it wasn't necessary. He also said that if I felt like I needed it I could always come back. Can't recommend him enough. Thanks Frank!!!" -- Josh H. Littleton CO Five Stars @ YELP

"Thanks to Frank, I am still smoke free since 8/6/17. No regrets, no problems. I've referred many many people his way. If you think you can't, don't want to quit or have tried and failed before... this is definitely for you! I am 43. Smoked for 30 years. I stopped before my last birthday. I can drink alcohol, eat normally, deal with stress and function without a cigarette. Cravings? I have them. But I also have an amazing supporter. My other half. He reminds me, every time I say I need a cigarette, that I don't smoke. And I continue on with life. I vent, I cry, I huff and puff and I get upset. But I don't smoke. There is a better way to live, without smoking. Dr's have taken xrays. My lungs are cleared. How is that possible? Idk. But thanks goes to Frank for changing my mind which changed my lifestyle and bettered my health." -- Kathy K., Denver, CO

"I attended this program in Wray, Colorado on April 20th, 2008. I am happy to say that I am coming up on 10 years with out a cigarette. I was a smoker for 30 years, I tried everything to quit and nothing worked until Hypnosmoke. Now I cannot imagine what my life looked like as a smoker. I no longer worry about whether I smell like smoke, and best of all, I can snuggle up to my grandbabies and not worry about them smelling like smoke. Thank you, Frank , you changed my life!!!" -- Claudia S. Wray, CO

"Frank was great! After my individual session with him, I am indeed a non smoker. Smoke free for over 5 years, I just referred another client to him. Thanks so much Frank! What a service you provide! Worth every single penny! -- Salina M. Denver CO Five Stars @ YELP

"I wanted to say thank you!  Since taking your seminar I have stayed a non-smoker 'til my final day. My mother hasn't had a smoke since the seminar either!  You were incredible, and you changed my life.  I'm healthier, I can smell and taste again. I'm in real estate, and I honestly believe my last two deals would not have happened without you.  I'm referring everyone I know that wants to quit, to you.  Thank You!"  -- Marc B., Denver,CO

"After one year as a nonsmoker (after having been a smoker for 20 years), I can say that I don't want to smoke. I am indifferent to cigarettes. My quality of life has drastically improved and my only regret is not contacting Frank sooner. Going to see Frank was a very important day, it was ceremonious. I stood outside the in the cold puffing away as though the world was about to end. I brought two friends with me. I was nervous and excited. What if this works? Frank lead a detailed and entertaining discussion about cigarettes. I didn't expect this, but I actually had a good time and the time passed very quickly. The information Frank presented was not what I was expecting. He didn't show me photos of diseased lungs nor did he try to appeal to my guilt. I learned a lot about how smoking works and how to stop the cycle of smoking. Frank made sense. I really admire his long standing passion for sharing both his education and personal cigarette cessation journey with smokers. Now that I have experienced being a nonsmoker, I have a specific understanding as to why Frank has devoted himself to this cause: Being a non-smoker feels good and it's the kind of thing you want to share. Before going to see Frank Oden, smoking had become a nasty tar-filled monkey on my back. I was in a great place in my life with the exception of my cigarette smoking. I was really scared. What if I couldn't enjoy life without cigarettes? I wanted to say goodbye to the looming cancer fear, the sad stinky smell, the excessive buying of wrinkle cream and crest-whitening strips, the shame, the withdrawal, and the secondhand smoke I was gifting to my boyfriend. I wanted to be able to sit through an entire movie, climb a fight of stairs and kiss my non-smoker boyfriend without cigarettes messing it up. I wanted to shed the the judgement I felt from strangers and loved ones. I wanted to have the effortless confidence of a non-smoker. I wanted to slay my fire-breathing nicotine dragon, for good this time. Thank you Frank Oden! Oh, and the two friends of mine, who also went to see Frank, have quit smoking as well. I recommend Frank to everyone who is struggling with any addiction issue or behavioral issue. Give him a call today and chat with him about his skills and services." -- Amy W., Denver, CO Five Stars @ YELP

"I just wanted you to know that I am 100% a non-smoker and loving my new life! I am so thankful for your help and coaching. One of my favorite pieces of information from your session was to recognize and not give up the triggers. Once you said it and now that I am living it, it is true that life is full of triggers. Sometimes I have a trigger moment, but my brain doesn't even process that it wants a cigarette. Why would it? I am a non-smoker. So I acknowledge the moment as missing "something" and move on. I usually have a big drink of water! Thank you again for your help." --Tracey R. Denver, CO

"I gave Frank 5 Stars. I have nothing to compare his service to - all I know is he did something that I've tried to do myself many times and couldn't even come close. For 31 years, if I was awake, a had a lip full of Skoal. Trying to quit was out of the question. I'd tried many times, but quit trying to quit because that was so stressful on both me and everybody around me. If you're like me - you might be thinking, yeah I'd like to quit but I can't and if I do this I spend $300 and still can't quit. Forget about that. While I was ready to quit, I couldn't on my own - I had established that fact. When I started looking around the cessation arena, I thought Hypnosis would be worth a try. As I wasn't looking for anything else from the hypnotherapy, I liked that tobacco cessation IS Frank's business - not an item on a long menu that includes tobacco cessation. I will never use a nicotine product again in my life - no chew, no cigarettes, no cigars, no gum, no patch. Nicotine should be illegal. I look forward to having the extra $75 a week. But that's not even my important - my heart rate dropped 15 bpm after just 2 days. My body is feeling so healthy I can't even express it completely, and my workouts are about to go to an entirely new level. I thought that since I chewed, the nicotine was just something that worked a little on my nervous system, I had no idea how intertwined it all was/is. I have no idea how it all worked - but I promise you that if you are ready it will work for you too. Invest 4 hours of your time, and a few hundred dollars - you'll earn back both the time and the money inside of a month if you're as addicted as I was. If you think you might be ready, call or email Frank. Feel it out. That's what I did, I seriously feel like I won the lottery." -- Ron S. Phoenix, AZ Five Stars @ YELP

"You are amazing and you made me and Derek amazing. We are at our 2 year celebration of being HAPPY HEALTHY NON-SMOKERS!!!! We struggled and struggled and you were the last stop. I said to my husband as we were walking into your office 2 YEARS ago that if this didn't work I was never trying again. I was tired of failing and tired of smoking but mostly just tired of failing.  We walked out of your office not feeling all that different from our normal selves but the next day when neither of us desired a smoke we knew, we KNEW, it was over!  Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary. Not a single day has passed where I found myself missing my nasty old habit! I don't crave cigarettes, I don't smell like them. I DO walk and I run (which I never did before) I did my first 5k last year and will be doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Sept this year. Myself, my husband Derek and our kids are so grateful for the work you do and the success we have achieved together.  Oh and my father-in-law is a year smoke free now too, we never thought he would be able to do it but you changed his life forever too he is much healthier at 67 now than he was a year ago!  After a lifetime of smoking there is only one explanation, your method works for those that are truly committed to quitting!  Again A MILLION THANK YOUS!"  -- Eva S. Denver, CO

"Hi Frank, I just wanted to update you on how life has been for me as a non-smoker. My appointment with you was on April 21, 2010 and this is the day that my life pretty much changed forever. My entire approach to quitting cigarettes changed, my mindset regarding a life without smoke all around me had changed, and my future as a permanently quit person suddenly began. You might remember that I had smoked everyday for more than 16 years, starting a daily habit at 15 years old. Both of my parents were smokers, nearly all of my siblings are smokers, and most of my aunts and uncles and cousins and friends are smokers also. I never really believed until our appointment that day that I'd really be free of that addiction and lifestyle. But I am so happy now and I'm confident and I am certain when I say now that I am free of's gone forever. It sounds like some silly commercial, but it's true...I really am done for good. I can't even get through an entire "craving" or thought telling me that I want to smoke because before the thought really gets formed, there is another thought booming throughout my mind "no, no way, never again!!" And by then, I'm on to another thought, entirely. It's strange and neat and exciting. I am so happy to finally be where I am today...a permanent non-smoker. I don't have anxiety over it, I can talk about it easily, I haven't snipped at anyone because "I'm quitting smoking" or lost my temper...I haven't stressed about not smoking at all since leaving your office that day. I just somehow settled into this really comfortable and peaceful place, mentally, specifically about cigarettes and smoking, because there's nothing to worry about anymore. I feel exuberant about it almost...just happy to not have that horrible cloud (literally) hanging over my head anymore. I really love being a non-smoker and I love that I will be teaching my children by example to live a better and healthier life than what I had learned as a kid. So, I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy and grateful to you to finally be over smoking for good. I owe that reality to the conversations we had, the hypnotic techniques, all the fantastic information you shared with me about addiction and nicotine, about behavior and the best ways to align our beliefs with our actions. So thank you, I am eternally grateful and appreciative to you, and keep up the great work." -- Mikal M. Littleton, CO

"I had an office visit in mid-June 2009 for help to stop smoking. It is now 14 months since I smoked a cigarette and I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave me. I was a pack a day smoker for 30 plus years and now I am not. I thought to contact you at the one year anniversary but I let it slide. Sitting here watching the Broncos preseason game I decided to not put it off any longer. I never had any desire to smoke a cigarette since my session with you. I felt no anxiety about not smoking. You made it easy and I again wanted to say thanks." -- John B., Larkspur, CO

"Frank, I just wanted to touch base with you, and thank you for your service.  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will never use a nicotine product again. Having chewed Skoal for 31 years, and trying to stop several times but none really since the late/mid 80's, I was pretty certain that it was something that was just going to have to be with me for the rest of my life.  I will admit when I first started locking in on the decision I thought I'd back out.  I know I really came close to backing out, especially that evening as I was having the last pinch of tobacco that I had in my home.   While I was ready to quit, and was quitting for the more powerful reasons, I did not expect some of the benefits I'm already seeing.  In just 5 days, my Heart Rate has dropped 15-20 beats per minute.  My blood pressure was always marginal, and I can tell now that it is way down.   When chewing, I would often get nervous so then put in a pinch, now 5 days later, I'm just never nervous.  I used to have a problem with sweating under any kind of stress, but especially social anxiety.  A problem so embarrassing I would have paid dearly to fix it.  I had no idea not only would the fix cost Zero, but I'd save $8 a day.  Anyway, I just wanted to give you the update, say thanks, and offer to serve as a referral should you desire that."  -- Ron S., Aurora, CO

"Frank, On October 23, 2010 I had a private appointment with you in an attempt to quit smoking. After 2 1/2 years I am happy to say I am still smoke free. Thanks again!" -- Fraser C., Denver

"It has been six weeks since I came to your seminar and I am very much enjoying the changes in my life. You offered truth and laid the smoking problem out so clearly; your words really were the final push for me. I remember hearing your voice rapping in this Kerouac/Cassady -like rhythm. It really struck deep. I have passed your name and website on to my doctors as a resource. I know that my osteopath has shared this information with several of her patients. I would not be surprised to find myself coming to another seminar for reinforcement. Thanks so much for your help."  -- Nancy W., Denver

"I just wanted to update you on my progress. This Thursday will be 4 weeks smoke free! Being a non-smoker has been so much easier than I ever expected. And, I feel amazing! I am in shock at the simplicity of the entire process. Don't smoke and be confident! Your process has guaranteed me that I'll be smoke-free for the rest of my life. What has been particularly helpful is understanding the behavioral and cognitive aspects of the addiction. Each time I have had a craving, I remember that my brain is trying to trick me. It's that simple and it's over. Thanks again, Frank." -- Natalie F., Denver

"I attended your group seminar on April 3rd (2011) and have not even had a drag since!  I am a non-smoker and so proud to call myself that.  It truly has been easier than I could have ever expected.  I don't know which part of the process worked - the lecture / discussion or the hypnosis - but I DON"T CARE!!!   I am a non smoker!!!  I truly feel that I am a non-smoker for life, life, life, life, life.  I do, just once in a while, usually when I have a couple drinks, have an urge to have just one...but honestly, I just let it pass.  That has been very helpful for me - I just let the urge pass - and it always does!  I want to say thank you. I didn't have any expectations, except that I knew I was ready to make this change. I speak very highly of you and hope others can have this success too.  THANK YOU!"  -- Lori, Denver

"Dear Frank,  I just want to thank you for your assistance in my becoming a non-smoker. I am delighted to say I remain a non-smoker after meeting with you (four years ago).  Had I not experienced the session with you, I would never believe it was as easy to stop smoking after 30+ years as a smoker. I did not experience any withdrawal effects except for thoughts of smoking. The CD you gave to me to listen to, really helped with remaining a non-smoker. It was most useful when the old triggers for smoking were activated. In fact your system was the only system that worked for me after a couple of failed attempts by traditional pharmaceuticals.   Also during the time from stopping smoking until now, I lost my father. I was not tempted to restart during this period. I rarely have thoughts of smoking now.  I am so glad you helped me with this important step of stopping smoking. I work with assessing patients as a healthcare provider. I have referred multiple people to you for assistance. I am unsure if any have showed up or not, but I hope so. You are the BEST, great voice and easy on the eyes!" -- Catie P., Denver

"Hi Frank,  I thought it was high time that I got in touch with you to let you know how life is going as a non-smoker. It’s now nearly four years since I came to see you for a hypnotherapy session to stop smoking and I’m proud to say that I haven’t smoked since. Many, many thanks.  I also thought that it’s bloody selfish if I don’t at least try to help a few other 'fellow smokers' to kick the habit, so here’s my short story for those out there who are starting to think about stopping. First of all you should know that I really, really enjoyed smoking and I thought that it defined a big part as to who I was. I started smoking at the age of 17 and smoked a pack and a half a day for 29 years. I was kidding myself as to what impact it was having on me, but eventually I came to realize that my family and others shouldn’t have to put up with the smell and inconvenience I was causing, let alone the harm I was probably doing to myself.  When I went to see Frank I was in a skeptical frame of mind (arms folded with the smug feeling that nobody was going to hypnotize me). I couldn’t have been more wrong – Frank really knew his stuff and we talked about smoking for a couple of hours before the actual hypnotism. I won’t lie. In the immediate weeks following I did think about smoking, pretty much on a daily basis, but I managed to resist and after a few months life was much easier. Here we are nearly four years later and I don’t even think about it. I’ve got a couple of other friends who came to see Frank about a year before me and I can happily report that they too are completely finished with smoking. So nice one Frank and thanks again and please feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit as good news should be shared."  -- Paul B., Boulder

"Frank, I would like to thank you. I have been doing great being a non-smoker. We have gone out with our smoking friends the last two weekends and I have had no problems!! I can't say that it hasn't done a little run across my mind...but not even close to there even being any kind of moment of weakness. I have had a few dreams of me forgetting that I quit, and all of a sudden I look down and I am smoking. Then in my dream I am completely disgusted and throw the cigarette away. Then I wake up with this temporary feeling of guilt until I realize that I have not smoked and am a non-smoker. Then I giggle and do my happy non-smoker dance :) On February 27th I am doing the Fight for Air stair climb for the third time. It benefits the American Lung Association. I am so excited to be doing it smoke free this year!! I'm sure that I will kick all 1098 stairs asses! Thanks again, Frank :) Rhonda G., Denver

"Frank, You currently have a testimonial posted on your web page from me after 9 days of being a non-smoker. I promised that I would follow up with you in the future and that is what I want to do now. I came to you to quit smoking exactly 1 month before my son was born. At the time I was 30 years old, overweight, unmotivated, and a smoker for 4 years (prior to smoking, I chewed tobacco for 15 years). I had decided that since I was about to become a father, it was time to "grow up". As I stated in my previous email to you, I really enjoyed the session and found you very easy to talk to. During the appointment you asked if I had any other goals and I told you I had begun to workout in an effort to drop the excess pounds and get in shape. It has been a little over 2 years since my appointment and I am happy to report that the session worked wonders for me. My last cigarette was the one I smoked before walking in your office that day. Two years later and I am proud to call myself a non-smoker. In addition to quitting smoking I was able to stick with my new workout routine and actually lost 50 lbs. in a little under a year -- even with quitting smoking. I am ecstatic to report that the last 2 years have been amazing for me -- the birth of my son, quitting smoking, losing weight, and becoming an avid runner. And I owe a great deal of thanks to you. I tell everyone that mentions a desire to quit smoking about my experience. Thank you for what you have helped me do." -- Rob M., Commerce City, CO

"Hey Frank,  I just referred someone and so I was looking at your site and wanted to tell you that I am still a non-smoker!  (Two years).  I have passed some tough challenges and face them everyday as most of my family smokes.  You were truly successful in me in that I look at smoking in a whole different way now.  Thank you for giving me the knowledge I needed to be a non-smoker!"  -- Brenna Q., Denver

"Hi Frank, Two weeks ago I was still held prisoner to a cigarette!!! Since my appointment with you I have been unleashed, I feel CONFIDENT that I will never smoke another cigarette again. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress, but as I mentioned I am not at all worried about the future. Also, I want to commend the process not only have I been in small garages in the friggin' cold with smoke blown all around me and did not even really think or notice it. I am able to do all things that I was before with out the pull to smoke a cigarette. I have already started to feel 10x better as well. Thank You!!! Lastly, I must say that I have found you inside my head when I have looked at a cig or thought of one, especially the first week. "Not one puff, not even one" The switch, the fence etc, I feel that the vividness is even more now, also my dreams have become much more intent, which I think is a good thing. All in all I just wanted to say what a great life rewarding experience that it was, I know that you will be seeing some of my friends soon. Thank you and have a great day! -- Amy R., Denver

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I haven't had a cigarette since 90 mins before attending your seminar last Sunday. Of course I have thought about smoking with all the usual triggers but I really haven't felt much urgency to smoke. It is more like an awareness that I would usually be smoking at that point. I will say that once or twice the thought of having just one did pop into my mind but I when I asked myself "why" it became very clear I really didn't even want that one. In the last few days there have been very few times that I have even thought of smoking. I haven't been around others smokers yet so I know that will be my next challenge but at this point I believe you have given me the tools I need to deal with that successfully. Your program is awesome. I would and have recommended it to others already. Thank you! -- Chris M., Denver

"Dear Frank,  I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks on the week of my one year anniversary. I was not a believer in hypnotherapy before I came to you (in December of 2006). I was not a believer in myself that I would be able to quit smoking no matter how much or who was helping. After 30 years of smoking, I figured, at 46 years of age, that I was destined to smoke for the rest of my life - however shortened it would be by my habit.  Here it is one year and I have never, ever felt the need or desire for a cigarette in that year. When I pass people that are smoking, I have no desire at all to join in. It is truly a wonderful feeling. I feel better than I have felt in years. I completed my first 5K this fall. I didn't win - not even close! But I completed it and that was something I could have never done before. My overall outlook is better than it has ever been. I can climb stairs, exercise and play with my grandson running around outdoors for hours without getting winded. What a great feeling it all is! Thank you for the time you spent making me a believer and, most of all, making me a non-smoker! It has truly changed my life!"  -- Peggy C., Parker, Colorado

"Hi Frank! Could not let this day slip by without touching base with the man to whom I am indebted for making this one year anniversary possible! You are in the forefront of my mind as I celebrate the fact that the S-word is no longer even in my vocabulary. I not only didn't put on weight, I lost 20+pounds, a by-product of working out six days a week with weights/treadmill/classes/yoga etc...I have replaced a negative addiction with a newfound passion for fitness and am indeed younger this year. Thank you for being You and being There for me! --Fran R., Fort Collins, CO

"Frank – I took your seminar a month or two ago … I don’t even remember. In the past when I tried to quit chewing I could tell you the number of days to the hour when my last chew was. Now I can’t remember when the seminar was! There have been multiple times where I would have lost the battle to nicotine but with your help/session I don’t even give it a second look. Saying “Not even if….” helps re-establish my confidence and lead to a whole lifetime without any nicotine ever. So – I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the group session – You have given me my life back. If you ever need a referral please send them my way." -- Geoff N., Denver

"Hi Frank, I came to your office 1 year ago tomorrow and am so proud to say that I have been smoke free for 1 year!!! One of my largest concerns about being successful as a nonsmoker was that my husband had not chosen to become a nonsmoker and while I knew it was a very personal thing and that he had to want to quit like I did, I was fearful that his hesitance would sabotage my success. Frank, you and I spoke about this at length, and while my husband hasn’t quit smoking, I have and we are still happily married. Thanks for doing what you do! I am grateful, honored, and so proud to be another success story for HypNoSmoke. Have a great day!" -- Teresa T.

"Dear Frank, Derek and I wanted to write you to let you know that we are so pleased with our session to quit smoking. Both of us are continued non-smokers from the moment of stepping into your office. I can't express how grateful I am to have had your help in overcoming this plague of nicotine. I truly believe we will remain non-smokers for the rest of our lives and we are so happy that we came to see you. Your service is amazing as you truly have a gift, and has helped us to finally become successful in this area of struggle. All of my worries about 'quitting' have dissolved as I haven't gained a single pound (and I don't think Derek has either), we are happy, patient with our children, we have even gone out drinking with our friends (smoking and nonsmoking) and remained nonsmokers. It is so nice to know that 'that's not my problem anymore'!!!! We leave for vacation tomorrow and both of us are very confident that this will be the first of many non-smoking vacations where we can truly relax with our family and children and just enjoy. Thank you a thousand times forever and ever, for your help! -- Eva & Derek S., Littleton, CO

"This is the best way to quit! No withdrawal, controllable cravings. You gave me the means for handling the 'need' for a smoke. I smoked 3 packs a day for over 30 years, and now I don't!! I'm spreading the news to my friends who use tobacco. Words are insignificant to express my thanks, so I'll tell you what my sisters want me to tell you: 'Thanks for our brother's life." -- Dave B., Denver

"On behalf of Parkview Medical Center and its Wellness Team, we wish to thank you for traveling to Pueblo and facilitating a HypNoSmoke stop smoking seminar. This was our first occasion of offering an alternative to traditional tobacco cessation seminars, and we found it to be an effective way to encourage our employees and their family members to quit the habit.  I am pleased to report that I have followed up with many employees and they state they are tobacco free!  It was also a pleasant surprise for us to find that we were able to financially support the program, as well as be in a position to offer this seminar again in the future.  We wholeheartedly agree that this was a beneficial program to provide our staff."  -- Director of Health Initiatives, Parkview Medical Center, Pueblo CO.

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about my progress. Since leaving my HypNoSmoke appointment, I have not had a cigarette, nor have I had the urge to have a cigarette. I deal with the triggers head on and refuse to change my habits just because smoking used to be a part of them. I drive the same way to work and when I get to that place where I used to light up, I just keep driving without wanting a smoke. I feel my lungs starting to clear and can breathe better already. I really love the way you showed me that not smoking is the reward, and its not a punishment to not smoke. I never looked at it that way before. I'm being rewarded everyday I do not smoke with better health and more time spent with my family. Thank You so much, Frank, for helping me beat this addiction once and for all." -- Sonja B., Denver

"Hi Frank. I had a session with you at the end of September (2009) and haven't smoked a cigarette since that day!....Walked out of your office and that was that!!! Thanks again for helping me with this." -- Lori O., Denver

"Hello Frank, I attended one of your seminars at the end of March. I am happy to say that I am still smoke free and loving it. I tell everyone that I can about you and your program and how it helped me so much. My mother is a 20 yr smoker and has been bringing up the subject of quitting a lot more lately. I feel like she is serious and really wants this for herself and her new granddaughter ( my daughter ). The issue is she lives in Kentucky and can't just hop a plane to attend one of your seminars or have a personal session. Is there any way you can recommend someone in her area of southern Kentucky that has the same qualifications and personal attentiveness that you showed me? Any help on this subject would be very appreciated. Thank you so much for what you did for me and I hope you can help my mom as well. -- Weston S., Denver

"Frank, I hope this message finds you doing well and enjoying your New Year! It is my great pleasure to send you this email! Since our session, I am still not smoking! Sure, I thought about it once or twice in the early days, but it was never the nagging desire to have one. It has been six months since our session and I am still smoke-free and I could not be happier. And even the stress of finding out that my job was being outsourced recently elicited no desire to smoke. Thank you so much for your assistance in satisfying my desire to be free of cigarettes!" -- Don B., Denver

"I just wanted to let you know that next week marks the one year anniversary for me being tobacco free. I haven't had a dip since Feb 20, 2009 and more importantly, the desire to do it is completely gone. My dentist and hygienist have noticed a marked improvement in my gums as a result." -- Mike L., Aurora, CO

"Hi Frank, just wanted to let you know that Gary and I have have made it our first week cigarette free! Each day is getting a little easier -- always remembering, "never have another cigarette." We're so glad we went to you -- the whole experience was incredibly informative and empowering. I am certain that neither of us could have quit without this extra help and guidance. Thank you for helping us become non-smokers, finally!" -- Laura H., Denver, CO

"I saw a guy in Denver named Frank Oden. (I live in Missouri). It took 4 hours (including hypnosis) and I was skeptical going in. It wasn't even so much the hypnosis (but it helped) but rather the first part of discussing the physical and mental hangups of smoking. Everything that would have kept me smoking was broken -- no, shattered. I learned what to expect and how to deal with it. Seven months isn't a fluke. I have smoked my last cigarette. It was at 10:55 CST, April 24, 2009. I owe at least 40% of it to Frank's instruction. I remember early on making a deal with myself that if I found a stray cigarette I would smoke it. To my horror I found one, but I had the strength to crumble it anyways!! A flight to Denver, the hotel, and Frank's fee may seem like a lot, but hell--I was ahead financially sooner than I thought. Do what you need to do. I smoked since 1989 and I never thought I would quit, but I did. Since then, I have been amazed by the extra disposable income. If you don't want to try Frank, try something. It is a different world not to be a slave to tobacco!" -- Jon L., St.Louis MO

"Thank you for the showing me that the tools to living a smoke free life are easily within reach of us all. To spend a few hours talking with you about desires, expectations, the reality of becoming a non smoker was such an enriching experience. I can not begin to explain the depth of feelings when your child (though an adult) tells you how proud of you he is. Or how another tells you that you are his inspiration to becoming a non-smoker also. Thank you Frank - from me and my family - one short session with you gave me the means of living smoke free. -- Tom F., Monterey, CA

"Frank, I went to see you on July 2, 2009. I am still smoke free – not even a drag off of a cigarette. I just wanted to say Thank you! It is working for me!" -- Cindy K., Littleton, CO

"I wanted to tell you about my journey I had a private appt on July 3, 2009. I smoked six cigarettes on the way to the appt. I smoked for the better part of 30 years. I tried many times to quit. The longest I ever went was 9 months, yes, I was pregnant. Sadly, I would have continued to smoke through my pregnancy, but the baby made me quit because it made me violently ill. When he was born, I went right back to smoking. Why? I have no reason. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be a non smoker. I was nervous, but when I left, I felt great. Today is October 26th, 2010 and I have not had one cigarette and I have no intention of ever having another one. I am a NON SMOKER now and forever. Thank you for your help Frank ... best thing I have done for myself in a long time." -- Pam L., Aurora

"I remember after my session as I was walking to my car I was thinking about my “triggers” and knowing that getting in the car…driving the car would in the past constitute as a “smoke break.” Needless to say I was somewhat anxious about confronting my first trigger. It was strange because when I got in the car the first thing I noticed was the disgusting reek of past stale cigarette smoke. It was so repelling that the trigger I was worried about was completely forgotten as I noticed for the first time ever what a disgusting environment my car had become ... I was somewhat anxious about how I was going to handle the weekend since I live with a smoker. I wasn’t sure if him smoking would be a trigger I could confront and kick. Now him smoking is not so much a trigger as it is an annoyance. Instead of smoking, my breaks at work are spent walking…I’m up to 16 blocks a day and hoping to increase that here soon. I can’t even tell you how I look forward to those breaks and my opportunity to get out and get a fresh breath of air ... I can’t explain how I know that I will never use a tobacco product again, I just know this is not something I will ever do. It’s kind of like the longer I am a non-smoker the more natural it is to be a non-smoker. I plan on updating this in 6 months, just to keep you aware of the impactful greatness you’ve had in my life. Really going to you was the biggest and best gift I have ever given to myself. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. So thanks Frank for assisting me in my goal to become smoke free!" -- Candi C., Denver

"Dear Frank, THANK YOU! I am going on 5 weeks as a NON SMOKER and feel GREAT! You have given me the confidence to be a non smoker and feel good about myself doing it. I have also incorporated your program into other aspects of my life. I am working out and even running a little. Just wanted to give you an update and say thank you again." -- Fran A., Littleton

"Hi Frank, I came and saw you the day after Thanksgiving (2009) with high hopes that this would finally be the answer to me not smoking, and it was. I have not smoked since and I feel great. I can not explain why this really worked for me to my friends and family, it just did and I am so grateful. The session with you was easy, comfortable and successful. Thank you so much." -- Becky M., Broomfield, CO

"Frank, I just wanted to let you know that it's been 11 weeks since I saw you and I've been smoke-free ever since. I work with some heavy smokers and have been on some long car trips with them as they chain smoke, but still I have not relented! I really appreciate all your help and have given your name to my primary physician so others can avail themselves of your help. My wife and children bless you and thank you, and we are all so grateful that I have quit smoking!!! Many, many thanks to you!" -- Eric B., Kiowa, CO

"I know there's not 1 single thing you can physically do or drug you can give someone to make them magically not smoke any more or not want to or whatever, but our session IS exactly what I needed. Triggers are being extinguished left and right and as each hour passes, day passes, I'm getting closer to 9-10 on the "scale." I just feel happy to be a non-smoker. I barely even think about it. I feel healthier, better and psychologically and mentally feel more sound than I ever have before. Sometimes the smartest decisions are possibly the easiest ones? It is a decision and one that I have no regrets about and am never looking back. Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll probably drop you a line every month or so just to let you know that, like you, I'm still a non-smoker!" -- Sean C., Denver

"Hi Frank - I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I have not smoked since (our appointment). I have done all my activities, including going to bars with friends and drinking and have not smoked. Last Friday, after several cocktails, my girlfriend tried to convince me to have just one and, even in a less clear state of mind, LOL, I did not do it. Thank you so much! Every time I tried to quit before, it felt painful and like I was sacrificing something, but not this time! Thanks again." -- Michelle M., Centennial, CO

"Frustrated after failing to kick a 30-plus year smoking habit through multiple methods, I contacted Frank Oden. I had heard a celebrity talk of her success at quitting through Hypnotherapy. As a health care provider, I had tried to help others kick the habit while hiding my own nicotine addiction. Seeking Frank's help was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I no longer have to deal with all the negative feelings that occur as a result of smoking. After one session with Frank, I am approaching my 9 month anniversary as a non-smoker. I am thrilled, and only wish I had met Frank earlier. Frank is a talented professional in helping you stop smoking for good, and I recommend him highly." -- Catie P., Broomfield, CO

"I'm coming up on 4 months without reaching for the can of Skoal. This morning I found a can of chew in my desk drawer. I opened it up and smelled it, then shut it up and tossed it in the trash. It didn't even peak my interest. The desire for tobacco is completely gone. Something else I thought I would mention... I'm a type 2 diabetic and a few months ago my doctor read me the riot act concerning my blood sugar levels which were quite high. I knew that I had to lose some weight and exercise, so I adapted your hypnosis technique ... I've lost 15 lbs and am riding my bike every day at Cherry Creek State Park. So, thanks again." -- Mike L., Aurora, CO

"Frank, I am 2 days short of 6 weeks smoke free! I think the biggest thing I learned was that to quit means NOT ONE DRAG. It just gets easier too, because I JUST DON'T SMOKE anymore! That's all I have to tell myself and the anxiety is gone. Thank you for everything!" -- Lauren C., Denver

"Hi Frank, I wanted to email to say thank you. I had an appointment with you on June 17th, 2009 and haven't smoked since. Thank you so much!" -- Clive M., Denver

"I've been 100% successful and I feel so confident and happy with my new lifestyle, and I owe it all to your talent and support. Thanks for helping me find a new lease on life and get through something that has been hanging over me for the better part of a decade. Without your assistance I know I wouldn't have made it, and I couldn't be happier. There is no situation that I fear getting through, and I've never been so confident. Thank you, thank you, thank you." TEN MONTHS LATER ...

"Hi Frank,I wanted to let you know that I referred you to somebody I met this week, and also that I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary on January 23rd. You have truly enabled me to turn my life around. I am so happy, so free, in my new lifestyle, and I never realized that one change to my life could impact so many aspects of it. I am grateful to you for your gift and for sharing it with me and helping me to be so successful." -- Susan F., Denver

"Frank, I am proud to say that I am a Non-Smoker! Thank you for saving my life! I have to say that I have been tempted at times, but the desire only lasts a few seconds. So what you did worked well. Thanks again!" -- Brenna Q., Commerce City

"I just wanted to say thank you, Frank. I had a session with you in July, with my sister and mom. I am still smoke free! I have been put to the test with triggers and survived through all of them by using your "temper-tantrum" visual. It works well for me, thank you!" -- Cindy K., Littleton, CO

"Frank, I'm just over 72 hours of having smoked my last cigarette and...I feel great. First - Thanks! There were times in my life when I was convinced that I would be a smoker for life. The other night, I watched a group of 5 of my friends light up and I could only smile. I almost burst out laughing, that I had no desire to join them. Second - I had a friend or two who were pretty amazed at the results and I told them I'd pass along your card when they were absolutely ready to quit smoking. Again, thanks for everything positive I'm carrying around from this experience. I couldn't be happier. Seriously." -- Jason R., Centennial. CO

"I AM A NON-SMOKER!!! I never thought I would be able to say that! It has been a little over a year (since November of 2006) and I have not smoked! The true test came when my husband and I went to Central City for the first time after my session. Previously when I had tried to stop smoking and I would go into the casino, I would break down and buy a pack and I would be smoking just like I had never stopped. So, I was a little worried that I might break down again. Because I used to think that the tobacco smelled great, tasted great and just was the niftiest thing ever.  Well…. I walked in and the smell hit me like a ton of bricks! I could not believe how AWFUL STINKY GROSS PUTRID RANK it was. I could barely believe that I at one time smelled the same way! I didn’t break down. I was just amazed by how turned off I was to even thinking of putting a cigarette to my lips! It used to be that smoking ruled my life: Where could I stop to have a smoke, did I have enough cigarettes to last me till the end of the day, where was the next gas station or convenience store if I drove any where in case I needed to buy cigarettes. Smoke before work, during work, pausing movies to smoke, disrupting family dinners to step outside…what a nightmare! My husband was amazed at how easily I quit without any withdrawal symptoms and so was I! I am sooo happy I called you Frank! I can run, play golf, walk, swim, ski, without losing my breath! I lost weight and overall feel GREAT!!"  -- Celia C., Denver, CO

"Hi Frank, We just wanted to update you that it has been one year since we met with you and successfully quit smoking. My husband remarked 'if I knew it was this easy I would have quit years ago.' Quitting smoking has truly changed our lives. Thank you!" -- Rachel and Justin B., Aurora, CO

"5/6/09 will be my six month smoke-free anniversary. I have been telling everyone about my success with hypnosis. I had a particular interest to come back in and talk to Frank about my session afterwards, and Frank was awesome, taking the time to answer all of my questions. Me and my children can't thank you enough!" --Chris B., Aurora, CO

"Dear Frank: You will be pleased to know (I hope) that I have been and am a non smoker since my personal appointment. That would be 3+ months. I have to say I can't believe how well it has worked. I occasionally have urges to smoke but no compulsion and I know you know the difference. I have recommended you to countless persons but I know they don't believe me or have just not reached the correct time. However, I can say that I just can't recommend you highly enough - it works! Been there, done that, HypNoSmoke is the answer. I sincerely hope that anyone that I talk to comes to you; their health can only improve. Additionally, my son (14 years old) is so grateful. Thanks so much. I would recommend you to anyone or any group. All the best," -- Teresa P., Denver

"When we wrapped up our session, I was unsure if I really was a non-smoker. I didn't have an "ah-ha" moment of clarity, but it's been almost two weeks without one drag of a cigarette and I am amazed that it doesn't even cross my mind to want to smoke, much less do it. I hang out with my smoker friends with no issues and already feel a difference in my lungs. Thank you SO much and I promise many referrals will be coming your way!" -- Amanda M., Aurora, CO

"Frank: All I can say is "Wow". I am 100% certain that I will never touch tobacco again - ever.  I'm very impressed - based on the number of times I have attempted to quit over the years. I could have saved so much time, energy, money, health, anxiety, guilt. I believe that anyone could do this with your help, if they really want to quit. I have recommended you to three people in the last 24 hours.  Thanks again, I appreciate all the time you spent with me."  -- Dave G., Denver

"First off, I want to say a big "Thank You!"  I did it!!  November 4th, 2006 until now I have not touched snuff.  From a can a day to nothing in one day, not many believe it at all.  I can not lie, if it wasn't happening to me I would not believe it myself!  I plan to send everyone I can to you, for the best way to move on from a very very bad habit.  Semper Fi -- John R., Pueblo

"Frank: I wanted to follow-up with you and thank-you. I found the session with you to be very helpful. I have been in many situations since where I used to smoke and now find I have no desire. Days go by and I don't even think of cigarettes. I have listened to the CD about once a week mainly because I find your voice a positive influence. The way you are able to influence certain words and the different connotations of your speech I find as very positive and reassuring. Thank-you so much again for your support and positive influence in mastering this very challenging addiction." -- Brenda H., Denver

"Hi Frank. Just had to give you a quick update. I met with you over a year ago (in August 2006) for my chewing tobacco problem. Still clean with no slip ups at all. I just referred you to a friend that wants to stop smoking, so I thought I'd let you know how I was doing. Thanks again!"  -- Wes M., Denver

"Frank - Thank you so very much for your help.  I know that breaking my smoking habit would have been much more difficult without your assistance.  I truly am thankful I had the opportunity to meet you and experience the session with you.  Again, thank you sincerely,"  -- Ray C., Thornton, CO

"Frank, I just wanted to let you know that I have been a non-smoker and have not smoked one cigarette (not one puff) since our session (in October of 2007). I came to your office highly skeptical that our session would even work. However, I was desperate to quit smoking since everything else had not worked. I have children and especially because of them I did not want to be one of those people diagnosed with some terminal tobacco related health problem. I have since been in various situations that I used to smoke in but, unlike before, I have actually been able to manage them. I enjoyed meeting you. Being a former smoker yourself, it was nice to know that you truly could relate to the physical, mental and emotional challenges of quitting smoking. You exuded complete professionalism, yet remained humanistic and compassionate. Because of you and Hypnosmoke, I left your office a non-smoker and will NEVER smoke again; not NOW, not ever, no matter what. Thanks again, Frank. Good luck with your future marathons!" -- Aleta C., Parker, CO

"Finally! Total freedom from nicotine -- being a nonsmoker has changed my life.  Frank took the time to know me and cared about my individual journey. I can't say enough about the power hypnosis -- and the joy that is Frank!"  -- Kendra D., Westminster, CO

"Frank, I'm pleased to say that I am still, now and forever a non-smoker!  The thing I will always remember fondly about my visit (November 2006) is that you took the time to understand me and my life and how smoking affected it.  Not to mention providing me with some engaging intellectual conversation about smoking patterns that really tipped the scales of reason in my favor.  I know you genuinely care that your clients become non-smokers. I have no doubts that, were charging for hypnotherapy ever to become illegal, you would fill your spare time creating more non-smokers anyway.  Thank you!"   -- Brian B.,  Denver

"This is the one invaluable tool we needed to actually stop smoking.  I just can't think of anything better than this.  Complete Success!"  -- R & J Keenan,  Greeley, CO

"Hi Frank -- I enjoyed my session very much and I feel that it was extremely worthwhile! Thanks!" -- Mark S., Castle Rock, CO

"I just wanted to say that I have not had a single cigarette since our appointment three months ago. I was very impressed with your openness and your ability to relate to my life and experience. The rapport we developed was very important to me, and the trust I have in your abilities is comforting. Thanks again, Frank." -- Cody W., Denver  (Follow up 11/06) "Frank, it's been almost one year exactly, and I'm still a non-smoker!"

"Hey Frank, it worked!  I am smoke free, after 20 years of trying. Thank you!  I feel great and I've spread the're the BOMB!"  -- Debora M., Denver

"I really enjoyed the session. I found Frank very easy to talk to and the session was very stress-free.  As I write this, I'm on my ninth day of being a non-smoker.  I must admit that I am finding this much easier than all of my other attempts to quit. I will keep you informed of my progress in the future, and I will be telling all of my smoking friends about Frank and HypNoSmoke!" -- Rob M., Commerce City, CO

"I thought I was coming up on two smoke-free weeks after our session, but my calendar shows me it's not been two, but THREE! There must be a very positive message in that. I'm not counting the days, hours minutes and seconds, obviously, after 50 years of heavy smoking. It's just immaterial because I'm not fishing for compliments, and most definitely I am never going to have to make this physical and emotional decision again. I was excited when I showed up for my appointment, and I was excited when I left. It was obvious I was dealing with a real pro in a very personalized and informative session. I tell friends and family it's the best money I ever spent. Sincere thanks, Frank!"   -- Anne D., Denver

"Hi Frank, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that I went to you.  It has been 3.5 months and I am still smoke free. Thanks for everything!"  -- David S.,  Denver

"Hi Frank, Just an update to let you know that I am still smoke free with almost 5 months under my belt. I went on a family vacation which would normally have been a big trigger for me to relapse, but I had NO DESIRE at all to smoke. I have also gained NO weight since quitting.  Just wanted you to know how thankful I am that I came to your seminar. -- S. Martin, Denver   (Follow up 1/07) I hope your New Year has started out great...Not sure if you remember me, however I came to your group class last March (10 months) and I am really happy to say that I am still a non smoker!!

"Thank you so much, this has been the easiest quit I have ever done. It's been three months and I know I'll never smoke again.  Once again, thank you!" -- Karen R, Aurora (Follow up 12/06) Awesome experience. It's been more than a year since I was hypnotized and I'm still not smoking. Yea! I highly recommend Frank. Do it for yourself.  Thanks Frank!"

"I've made it! It's been a little over one month since I had the session with you, and I am so thrilled!  Even with my husband still smoking, I've done it!  I could not have done it without you, thanks!" -- Carolyn M., Denver

"About 4 months ago, Frank traveled 3 hours to our community to provide a group smoking cessation hypnotherapy session. He was very easy to work with and offered assistance in all planning and implementation phases. The class filled up and we have had wonderful success following the session. Everyone comes to these sessions at different points. Some have tried to quit many times - others it is their first. Some are ready to quit and others are hoping for a quick easy fix. Frank was very honest in that it probably won't work if you don't want to quit. We were aware that not everyone would be successful. However, from our small group, I personally know of at least 13 that have completely quit and some of the others have at least been able to cut back significantly. We are a town of only 2000 and word gets out. I have had many calls from our town as well as surrounding communities asking that we have him come back. Everyone involved was very satisfied with the service we were given by Frank. We would highly recommend him. If you're smoking, it's worth a try, isn't it?" -- Cardiac / Pulmonary Services Director and Health Fair Coordinator, Wray Colorado Community District Hospital

"Frank, you were great! Very comforting, knowledgeable, friendly and a great listener.  I will recommend you highly ... I'm a nonsmoker now!"   -- Darryl M.,  Denver

"Hi Frank, I wanted to let you know that it will be 90 days since my last cigarette. Whatever you said during that session really worked. I just know that I will never smoke again. Thank you so much!" -- Barb D., Denver

"We are so proud to have just celebrated our 2-month "anniversary". Alex's teeth have never been so white, and I'm taking stairs without gasping for air!! We are so excited to be living tobacco free. There are moments of "hey, I used to..." but they are getting fewer and further between. Our families are so proud of us and we know our daughter is living a more secure life now that we aren't killing ourselves with that poison. I don't even think about cigarettes anymore unless someone mentions it to me. It's like I've never known them. I have been talking to all sorts of friends and family about hypnosis and how it changed our lives. Thank you for the tools that you gave us to improve our lives. What you taught us has enabled us to make the best decision of our life, and we have no regrets about it!! We are true believers and living proof that hypnosis works! Thank you, Frank!"  -- Angela & Alex, Denver

"I am happy to let you know that I am a non smoker!  Wanted to say thanks for being a non smoker since March 10 2007. I realize that you must want to quit, and my session was very helpful -- the information you gave me in regards to withdrawal was very significant. My session with you gave me the tools I need when I think about smoking, and I am able to not pick-up that smoke. I have referred some folks to thank you. I always tell people that truly there is a easy, softer way to quit smoking and to give you a call." -- Ann H., Boulder.

"I went to Frank Oden's group seminar in March of this year in hopes of getting the extra help I needed to quit smoking once and for all. I am now a non smoker and have been since I left that evening. I live with a smoker still; however, I am without cravings and any urges at all. I am extremely thankful to have found this as an option and would and do highly recommend Frank Oden as a facilitator." -- Salina M., Denver

"Thank you!  I haven't had a chew for over a week.  I am sleeping tremendously well, I have a ton of energy and I feel a lot more calm about life...I am very pleased with the results."-- Jay C., Wray

"It's been a year (Dec 2006) -- we are non-smokers. I've tried zyban in the past with limited short-term results. I've gone cold turkey. As an accountant by trade, I was taught to be skeptical, sometimes cynical. But I'll try anything once and especially to quit smoking.  My wife and I went together...we had to do it together. I think the key was that if you're open minded and READY to quit - Frank can help you make it a reality. Everyone asked "what happened, was it magic or voodoo?" NO. It's common sense, education and Frank does the rest. He's very good and easy to work with. I'm confident you will be pleased.  Overall it was great, I feel GREAT!"  -- Dave & Geneva, Denver

"Frank, I'm about two hours away from being smoke free for seven months.  I just wanted to say thanks!" -- Mike N., Denver

"I'll be damned - it worked! I haven’t chewed since my session about a month ago. Now I don’t even think about it ... I had been chewing for 10+ years. I figured it might be a good idea to stop. A friend of mine told me to try this, so I did.  I didn't think I could be hypnotized. Frank is a very nice guy. Moves at your pace. Never makes you uncomfortable. It was just the easiest thing. It's been a little over a month, and I've had no issues whatsoever. Cold turkey. Unbelievable. So I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how I was doing." -- Wes M., Denver

"I had tried everything...Now, what was once my weakest moment --friends smoking at the bar-- doesn't even phase me.  I don't even think about smoking.  I think about how disgusting the ashes and smoke smell are.  It's important to know that I am very skeptical about a lot of things. I was open-minded and ready, but I never thought it could be this easy -- for me and my wife!  My lungs thank you!" -- David M., Morrison

"I've been smoke free for two full months and still going strong.  No smokes!  It's been great, not difficult at all, I've recommended you to other people who want to quit.  In the past month, I've had a family tragedy and all the normal ups and downs of life, but I did not smoke and I will never smoke again!  Thank you!" -- Kirk T., Parker

"Even when I’m out having drinks with friends who smoke, I have no interest in it. I'm really happy about being a nonsmoker!" -- Jay F., Denver

"The combination of education and motivation was just what I needed to help me quit for good. It literally worked like a dream. I am now smoke-free and what I once thought was an impossible goal is now completely under my control." -- Jason C., Los Angeles

"I wanted to write and let you know that I am past one month without smoking.  Thanks for all you do. You brought to life many images that have assisted me in re-framing old limiting behaviors and thinking.  I look forward to life smoke free." -- Dennis R., Denver

"Thanks for the treatment, I have no desire to light one up." -- Gene B., Denver

"Frank puts his clients at ease, tailoring his approach to the individual, and using a healthy dose of good natured humor. One session gave me the resolve and fortitude to break my smoking habit of 20 years." -- Mare T., Denver